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Our Projects

Our body of work includes film, television and music videos. We are a small independent production company that creates thrilling and fantastical cinematic experiences that include movies, TV, and music videos.


The Bad Seed Returns

Follows Emma, a typical teenaged girl who is anything but that. Meanwhile, a new girl at school seems to know Emma's secrets, leaving Emma to take care of her enemies by any means necessary.

Mckenna Grace
Music Videos

Producing and directing all of Mckenna Grace's music videos, notably including Ugly Crier, Self Dysmorphia, You Ruined Nirvana, Do All My Friends Hate Me, and Haunted House

Screen Shot 2023-01-24 at 10.29.25 PM.png

Rabbit Cake

Currently in Pre-Production, the adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Annie Hartnett set up at Amazon Studios Rabbit Cake centers on a unique young girl named Elvis Babbitt. When her mother drowns, the girl decides to investigate the strange circumstances and go on a journey to figure our her place in the world, finding comfort in the people and animals of her Alabama town.

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